Polyimide Tape With Silicon Adhesive-Product Number 202 (Passed UL510)

Category: Polyimide Tape With Silicone Adhesive


Category: Polyimide Tape With Silicone Adhesive

Polyimide film coated with high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Agreesive adhesion, high temperature resistance, good protection. Applicable to printed circuit board (PCB) and protecting to gold fingers and all kinds of insulation in wave soldering tin stove.         UL No.: E518607


◊ Polyimide film as carrier, high temperature resistance, good insulation performance;
◊ Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, good high temperature resistant;
◊ Surface protection without adhesive residue.
◊ Protection for PCB;
◊ Sticking during SMT process;
◊ Cable insulation.
◆Performance Parameter

◆ The above is standard specification; other specification is available upon request.
◆ The product is tested in standard laboratory for your reference; the actual parameter is subject to final confirmation.

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