Product application
1. Polyester Film Tape With Solvent Adhesive, Polypropylene Tape For Insulation And Fixing
◊  Fix electrode, insulation and protection;
◊  High performance insulation, especially for batteries and components;
◊  Packing, binding for batteries or components.

2. Polyester Film Tape With Very Low Solvent Adhesive, Polypropylene Tape For Protection
◊  Protection to Lithium battery during activates;
◊  The protection of lithium batteries to print barcode.

3. Double Sided Polyester Film Tape
◊  Suitable for kinds of nameplates and film switches mounting and fixing;
◊  Good filling for rigid to rigid substrate bonding;
◊  For dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die cutting and laminating;
◊  Adheresion to plastic and foam, attach gaskets and LED lens on cellular phones and pagers.

4. Polyester Film Tape With Silicone Adhesive
◊  Protection for powder coating;
◊  Transformers, motors, capacitor coil insulation protection, wrapping and packing ;
◊  Glass installation.

5. Ployimide Tape With Solvent Adhesive
◊  Termination’s fixing of Lithium battery;
◊  Insulation and protection of battery.

6. Polyimide Tape With Silicon Adhesive
◊  Protection for PCB;
◊  Sticking during SMT process;
◊  Cable insulation.

7. Polyethylene Foam Tape For General Purpose
◊  Widely used in automotive interior parts, door trim, trim strip, front trim, back trim, the threshold, rain gear, signs;
◊  Metal trim, bonding  glass;
◊  Widely used in electronic materials fixed, buffering, waterproof, mobile phone dustproof, headphones parts       bonding,all kinds of parts fixed in electronics industry.

8. Polyethylene Foam Tape For Flame Retardant Uses
◊  Flame retardant feature, often used in automobile internal electronic components;
◊  Fixed internal acoustic appliances, electrical components fixed;
◊  Building industry.

9. Polyethylene Foam Tape With Removable Adhesive
◊  Widely used in automotive field, fixed inside and outside car decoration;
◊  Widely used in automobiles, mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices field;
◊  Used in buliding industry.

10. Double-Sided Polyvinyl Chloride Tape
◊  Fixed car mirror without heat;
◊ Used in automobiles and furniture manufacturing;
◊ Assembly monitors, assembling electronic components in the appliance industry;
◊ Widely used in household appliances industry.

11. Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape
◊ Assemble glass wall, provide superior adhesion in sealing and dust proof;
◊ Use in construction industry, insulation, connections, binding, waterproof and sealing;
◊ Fix electronic  products, assembly processing;
◊ For antomotive rubbing strip, decorative strip, nameplate, labels and pedals, etc.

12. Double-Sided Tissue Tape
◊ For evaporator in refrigerator, symbols, bedges and the bonding between foam and rubber;
◊ For household electric appliances and electronic apparatus;
◊ High performance modified acrylic adhesive, excellent for most surface, even LSE material.

13. Cloth Duct Tape
◊ Used for carton sealed, carpet seamed, pipeline wrapping, connections, binding, waterproof and sealing;
◊ Permanent interior and exterior hole covering;