Polypropylene Tape For Protection-Product Number 302

Category: Single Sided Polypropylene Tape


Category: Single Sided Polypropylene Tape

Polypropylene film as carrier, coated with low adhesion acrylic adhesive, specially for the lithium battery’s protection during activates. Heat-resistant, without adhesive residue on cell surface.

◊ Using Polypropylene film as the backing material, good temperature under vacuum condition;
◊ Low adhesion acrylic coating, no residue under high temperature;
◊ Halogen content meet IEC 61249-2-21 and EN – 14582 battery requirements;
◊ Clean remover on aluminum surface.
◊ Protection to Lithium battery during activates;
◊ The protection of lithium batteries to print barcode.
◆Performance Parameter

◆ The above is standard specification; other specification is available upon request.
◆ The product is tested in standard laboratory for your reference; the actual parameter is subject to final confirmation.

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