Double-Sided Polyvinyl Chloride Tape-Product Number 501

Category: Polyvinyl Chloride Tape


Category: Polyvinyl Chloride Tape

White polyvinyl chloride as carrier, coated with high performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. Excellent adhesion and excellent initial tack, good aging resistance.

◊ Using modified acrylic adhesion, excellent aging resistance;
◊ Excellent adhesion, good initial tack;
◊ Outstanding adhesion.
◊ Fixed car mirror without heat;
◊ Used in automobiles and furniture manufacturing.
◊ Assembly monitors, assembling electronic components in the appliance industry;
◊ Widely used in household appliances industry.
◆Performance Parameter

◆ The above is standard specification; other specification is available upon request.
◆ The product is tested in standard laboratory for your reference; the actual parameter is subject to final confirmation.
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