Polyethylene Foam Tape For Flame Retardant Uses-Product Number 4012

Category: Polyethylene Foam Tape For Flame Retardant Uses


Category: Polyethylene Foam Tape For Flame Retardant Uses

With high performance flame-retardant materials in this tape, cross-link polyethylene foam material as carrier, coated acrylic adhesive on both sides. Good flame retardant performance, strong bonding, peeling strength characteristics. Very excellent for building or automobile industry or other uses.

◊ Using flame retardant polyethylene foam as carrier, coated with flame retardant pressure sensitive adhesive;
◊ Self-extinguishing, suitable for high flame retardant requirements;
◊ Stablility structure for closed-cell foam, excellent for die cutting.
◊ Flame retardant feature, often used in automobile internal electronic components;
◊ Fixed internal acoustic appliances, electrical components fixed;
◊ Building industry.
◆Performance Parameter

◆ The above is standard specification; other specification is available upon request.
◆ The product is tested in standard laboratory for your reference; the actual parameter is subject to final confirmation.

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